Aerial Surveys & Inspection

Aerial Survey is a unique service allowing the ability to reach even the most inaccessible, hazardous or large-scale sites. Severn Partnership’s UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) teams use the latest drone technology to provide a wide range of surveying and inspection services. Our highly-experienced pilots and surveyors can safely capture high-resolution imagery and survey-grade data in a […]

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

GIS (Geographic Information Systems): Designed to store, manage and analyse data that can be linked to a spatial location, Geographic Information Systems have changed the way businesses manage their assets. Being able to view a clear visual representation of your data enables you to make smart decisions and streamline workflows. GIS is solely limited by […]

HSQE Innovation and Adding Value

HSQE Innovation and Adding Value: Saving Cost, Carbon & Casualties! Our core company ethos is written large on the wall of our HQ – Quality, Safety & Delivery.  This could be just another company jargon phrase, but our repeat clients are proof that this is how we aim to deliver our projects and how we […]

Seeable – Creating Interactive Visualisations

SEEABLE is a Sister company to Severn Partnership and was created to take 2D plans, 3D models and BIM and allow simple, non technical access to complex data in an intuitive APP environment – no software or training required. For example, we can take a simple site plan in DXF or PDF format, add 360 panoramic images to it and deliver back […]

2D Plans and Elevation Surveys

2D Plans and Elevations: We are not all about the funky 3D stuff! Severn Partnership deliverables are usually underpinned by topographical surveys, floorplans for measured building surveys, elevations & sections. Even where we are creating building information models, 2D plans can be printed back from the 3D data to create standard DWG, DXF or DGN […]


Geomatics: Described by Wikipedia as the discipline of gathering, storing, processing, and delivering geographic information, or spatially referenced information. In other words, it “consists of products, services and tools involved in the collection, integration and management of geographic data.” Historically, this would involve Land Surveyors to map the topography, then Measured Building Surveyors to create floorplans and elevations, Hydrographic […]

Mobile Mapping with Pegasus:Two

Survey grade Mobile Mapping: Mobile Mapping is the process of collecting 3D Geospatial Information from a moving vehicle – on Land, Sea or Rail. Severn Partnership are first to market in the UK with Pegasus:Two from Leica Geosystems, enabling survey grade data to be captured in a fraction of the conventional survey time. Our aim […]

Railway Survey Services

Railway & PWay surveys: Railway surveying has always been of vital importance in the maintenance and construction of our railways but recent dramatic increases in traffic and the resulting pressure to expand capacity has significantly raised the profile of the railway regeneration. More than ever before survey companies working on the railways need a solid […]

Topographical Survey

Topographical Survey: An essential starting point to changing the use of any piece of land is a high quality, accurate, up to date plan drawn at an appropriate scale – a topographical (topo or topographic) survey.  The plan must be accurate in every detail, showing all features that are relevant to the development. The survey information […]

Utilities Survey or Subsurface Mapping

Utilities Survey or Subsurface Mapping Summary: Mapping the Underworld: The detection and mapping of underground services include: pipes, cables, ducts and culverts using a range of survey techniques such as GPR, electro-magnetic location, manhole inspection and CCTV. The necessity for the accurate location of buried services and the intelligent presentation of results and reports has […]

Monitoring and Deformation Surveys

Monitoring & Deformation Surveys: Using high accuracy total stations to monitor movement or deformation of structures over time. This can be manned 24hrs or automated with data sent over the airways. At Severn Partnership, we can offer innovative and professional solutions to any given monitoring problem – such as: Building deformation Quarry faces Highways – road surfaces Embankment and […]

3D Laser Scanning Survey

3D Laser Scanning Survey: 3D Laser Scanning or LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is the process of shining a reflectorless laser line over a surface in order to collect 3-dimensional data. The surface data is captured by a camera sensor mounted in the laser scanner which records accurate dense 3D points in space. The 3D survey points collected […]

3D Modelling and Visualisation

3D Modelling and Visualisation: 3D modelling is the process of creating a three dimensional computer model which represents a three dimensional object. 3D models are made from points or vertices in 3D space connected by geometric data, such as lines and curves. This forms a wireframe representation which can be displayed with a solid surface through […]

BIM for Infrastructure (BIM4I) Surveys

BIM for Infrastructure BIM4I / i-bim Surveys: Infrastructure BIM Survey Summary Using 3D laser scanning and rail based Amberg Kinematic laser scanning to rapidly survey Highways and Rail Infrastructure. From the scan data, we can then create highly accurate Microstation or Revit Building Information Models. Also known as BIM4I and i-BIM. Building Information Modelling is usually […]

Building Information modelling survey (Scan2BIM)

Building Information Modelling Survey (Scan2BIM): Using 3D Laser Scanners to create accurate and detailed Building Information Models (BIM) in a variety of formats, for renovation, retrofit or refurbishment ‘as built’ survey of buildings & infrastructure. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the creation and management of data through a building’s life cycle and revolves around the use of intelligent 3D CAD […]