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Severn Partnership – Safe Driving Tracker Results

Driver Safety is a Key Part of Our Daily Tasks

Severn Partnership and the HSQE department take Health and Safety very seriously and are always looking to improve. Throughout the company we use the latest technology, including vehicle trackers which are closely monitored. Every month the driving statistics are analysed and reviewed. Feedback is then given to each employee and in certain cases, safety training given if required.
The graph below shows from 2015 to date, with some very low scores in February 2016 from a minority of drivers who have now left the company. After an initial downward trend, it has been reversed during the last 12 months and is now on the increase, hitting good or very good scores. This is great news for Severn Partnership!

Table of Driver Scores:

Severn Partnership Safe Driving Tracker Results

Latest changes with Mobile Phones:

This year the law has changed and it is illegal to use mobile phones while driving. This is something that Severn Partnership implemented over a year ago by the HSQE team. Procedures were created to ensure employees were not distracted whilst driving. Along with this are further strict guidelines on safe driving, including regular breaks, vehicle checks, maintenance and the 12 hour rule between shifts. All of this means employees, ‘get home safe’.

For further information on the latest changes with mobile phone use, please click here. For further information on driving safely please visit the Network Rail ‘safe driving page‘ or the government ‘Think Safety‘ website.

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