• Rail Safety Week

Rail Safety Week – Bringing Safety Together

Rail Safety Week – Bringing Safety Together Summary:

Rail Safety Week starts on the 25th September – 1st October and focuses on rail safety awareness, whether you work within the railway industry or if you use the train services, one way or another we are all affected. Rail Safety Week aims to bring awareness to everyone, addressing and engaging – “Bringing Safety Together”

HSQE at Severn Partnership:

At Severn Partnership, the HSQE department sits over our GeospatialUtilities, 3D Laser scanning, BIM, Railway and Mobile Mapping departments. As such, we are able to control the quality and safety on projects by minimising outsourcing and subcontracting of site survey work. This goes all the way to training, mentoring and our investment to get to Silver Standard Investors in People (IIP).

Rail Access & Possession Planning:

Gaining access to rail infrastructure is half the battle or getting a rail and Pway survey done efficiently and on time. We work with a team of expert Core2 planners and in house project managers to plan and execute all access to the rail infrastructure. We can do this for you or can feed into your access planning if required.

Mobile Mapping with Pegasus:Two:

Severn Partnership have invested in the first in Europe high accuracy mobile mapping system – Pegasus:Two mobile mapping.

Surveying roads at driving speed with survey grade accuracy and the best part, potentially saving up to 90% on cost and programme compared to conventional work flows. How? It’s simple. By surveying on the move from the roof of our mapping vehicle (road, rail or waterway), for most projects we can:


  • Remove the need for surveyors working roadside in the verge
  • Remove the need for lane closures, temporary traffic lights, road cones
  • Save carbon by having fewer trips to site
  • Save programme time
  • Save cost from all of the above


A road closure may cost thousands and take up to 8 weeks to plan, where we can be on site with a week’s notice and 95% of field work completed in one days planned drive around site. On a typical project, 20% may be survey cost and 80% safety and road closure costs – can you afford not to instruct us! On top of that, the resulting data is a magnitude better than other methodologies – leading to better visualisation and data quality.

So, to sum up – we are offering more data, better quality, faster survey, saving time, money and demonstrable carbon reduction & reduced footfall for better workforce safety.

This is just a taste of what we can do. If you would like to know more about how we can add value to your projects – call Jim Roberts on 01743 875 000 or email HSQE@severnpartnership.com

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