Government gives go ahead for Geospatial Apprenticeships

The future for the Geospatial industry just got better !

Severn Partnership have always been leaders in adoption of the latest technology relevant to the Geospatial industry. This is to ensure we deliver the best data, faster and cost effective = a term coined by us ‘LeanGeomatics‘.  This approach ensures Severn Partnerships reputation remains strong and confident.

Alongside this, we have always recognised our best asset being our people. Due to this evolving and changing industry being led by technology, developing new talent is critical. Mark Combes and Nick Blenkarn, Directors of Severn Partnership,  have been key industry professionals in helping achieve this goal. A sustainable skilled workforce is key to any business. The challenge has been how to engage with the industry on solving this problem.


In a nutshell, this is a group of professionals, including Severn Partnerships MD Mark Combes, focused on developing an accessible apprenticeship for the geospatial industry. A strategic approach to ensuring a sustainable talent pool for the industry. Project Manager for this group, Christina Hirst and 19 employers, have focused on apprenticeships as a means to creating and developing this talent pool.

Geospatial Technician Apprenticeship

After several years of hard work, the Secretary of State for Education, Damien Hinds has given final approval for a Geospatial Technician Apprenticeship.  He has approved the funding band meaning that this is now ready for delivery.

The Institute for Apprenticeships has also recommended a final funding band to the Secretary of State for the Geospatial Mapping and Science Degree Apprenticeship. This will also be ready for delivery very shortly.

Both these apprenticeships were approved in September 2017 by the Institute for Apprenticeships. The employers who developed these have been awaiting these funding band approvals before delivery can start. This has been agreed at £9,000 for the Geospatial Technician Apprenticeship, and £27,000 for the Geospatial Mapping and Science Degree Apprenticeship.  The latter subject to have final sign off from the DfE.

The approval of these apprenticeships means that geospatial employers can use their Apprenticeship Levy payments or Government’s apprenticeship funding to pay for the development of new talent for their businesses.

Antony Jenkins, Chair of the Institute for Apprenticeships said:

“I’m delighted that we’ve been able to approve these standards. High quality apprenticeship standards like this help learners and employers reach their potential.

“More and more businesses of all sizes are realising the benefits that high quality apprenticeships can offer. The Institute is putting employers in control of developing the standards they need, giving learners a basis for lasting employment and overcoming national skills gaps.”

The geospatial apprenticeships have been developed by a group of 19 employers, and supported by the two relevant professional bodies. These are the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES). The apprenticeship development was also supported by Class of Your Own and The Survey Association (TSA).   TSA kindly provided support funding for the apprenticeship development work.  The group were guided and assisted along the way by Apprenticeship Consultant, Christina Hirst.

Useful Links

A number of Colleges and Universities are gearing up to provide these Apprenticeships. Employers interested in supporting apprentices can find more information and the Trailblazer contact for these Apprenticeships by visiting:

Institute for apprenticeships for the Geospatial Technician Apprenticeship

and by visiting:

Institute for apprenticeships for the Geospatial Mapping and Science Apprenticeship.

Do you want a career in Geospatial?

There is no better time to join the world of geospatial professionals.  A technology lead industry with apprenticeships now available is an ideal platform for a successful career. If this is of interest, please contact steve.jones@severnpartnership for further information.



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