Forbes 5 Emerging PropTech Startups & We Made The List !

Forbes have just released a list of the top 5 emerging technologies for the property market in a recent article. Severn Partnerships sister company SEEABLE is in this list having recently released a number of updates to their apps which are proving to be extremely beneficial. These benefits include complex data made simple, cost savings and revenue opportunity.

Severn Partnership & SEEABLE are bringing more benefits to our clients:

With SEEABLE’s innovative apps, we offer our clients a truly unique service, adding value to our own. These innovative ‘intelligent 3D tools’, (i3D) are enabling our clients to add value to their data and explore new ways of managing their assets in simple, non complex ways. Imagine being able to explore your entire site on a tablet with the swipe of a finger. Present complex sites in a simple 3D format to stakeholders globally. Recycle survey data into safety apps for large projects with multiple contractors. Sound innovative? well the well respected news site, Forbes also think so.

To read their article please click the image below:

Forbes top 5 emerging property technologies

How can i3d help you?

Severn Partnership can consult with you on what benefits i3D can bring to your project. We strongly believe in collaboration and will ensure we offer the ‘best fit’ solution bespoke to your challenges and needs. For further information or to discuss this further, please contact Steve Jones, Head of Commercial via our head office number or by direct email at


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