BIM for Infrastructure

BIM for Infrastructure BIM4I / i-bim Surveys

Infrastructure BIM Survey Summary

Using 3D laser scanning and rail based Amberg Kinematic laser scanning to rapidly survey Highways and Rail Infrastructure. From the scan data, we can then create highly accurate Microstation or Revit Building Information Models.

Also known as BIM4I and i-BIM.

In detail

Building Information Modelling is usually associated with Architectural projects, although as the Infrastructure BIM Taskgroup points out, “BIM” is just an acronym for a collaborative way of working on design and construction projects.  The Government announced intention to require collaborative 3D BIM (with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic) on its projects by 2016.  This includes road and rail projects. To this end, Severn Partnership is is ideally placed as early adopters of laser scanning workflows, with 20+ years specialism in rail / Pway survey and a specialist team of Building Information modellers working across a number of BIM platforms.

The creation of Infrastructure Building Information Models is not just ‘3D modelling’. Any BIM survey starts with 3D asset data collection (laser scanning) and involves detailed collaboration with clients to agree a project specification or BIM Execution plan. For our clients, we can produce a detailed BIM execution or Implementation plan to agree LOD (Level of detail) or Grade of detail required; along with exactly how the model will be coordinated, created and stored. This will also highlight what level of additional attribute information or parametric links the BIM ready model will require.

Accessing Network Rail Infrastructure

From Railway stations to Bridge Structures and Tunnels: all our surveyors are PTS trained and our project managers are all experienced railway surveyors. This enables us to offer confidence in expedient data collection and minimised wasted time from track access difficulties. We can also create Work Package Plans, SSOW packs and task briefing forms to take the safety paperwork off your hands.  Teams are available to work days, midweek nights or weekends if required to access the rail or highways infrastructure.  Severn Partnership can also arrange procurement of site safety protection staff if required.

In short, we can produce rapid, high accuracy survey and detailed i-BIM ready models for Microstation or Revit.



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